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03 Mar 2015
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Greater Springfield Community Inc

 Greater Springfield Community Inc.


In June 2008 University of Southern Queensland (Springfield Campus) hosted the Western Corridor Summit.   The Summit hoped "to harness the ideas, ambitions and thoughts of the local residents, community groups and community leaders, and other stakeholders and businesses and to help develop a vision and strategies for the future of the Western Corridor area."

During that Summit many like-minded and passionate people connected and over time met with others to form Greater Springfield Advisory Group.  In September of 2009, the group became incorporated and became known as the Greater Springfield Community Inc.  

Lend Lease has been a strong partner and supporter in the establishment and early phases of this organization. 

Greater Springfield Community Inc’s purpose is to advocate for, and develop a coordinated and sustainable approach to building social capital outcomes for the Greater Springfield region.

Greater Springfield Community Inc will achieve this through strategic advocacy, events, project groups, coordinated activities, campaigns etc.  

Examples of project groups include Events, Arts & Craft, Safety, Environment, Health Wellbeing and Recreation, Youth and Seniors and Advocacy. 

This group is passionate about seeing our region grow into a mature and strong community by bringing together all the existing resources of business, community, government, developers, our residents, key service providers, clubs and groups”

Mission Statement

To provide a cohesive voice to create catalytic and innovative actions which deliver greater social infrastructure and well-being outcomes for the Greater Springfield region.

The Greater Springfield area for the purposes of this constitution is bounded by the following suburbs:

  • Brookwater
  • Springfield
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Springfield Central
  • Spring Mountain (ICC Division 9 area)
  • Augustine Heights

Core Aims and Objectives

  • Supporting new and existing community groups and organisations within the Greater Springfield area
  • To act as advocates for the Greater Springfield area to promote social and cultural infrastructure in new and emerging communities within the Greater Springfield area
  • To promote the sustainability of the Greater Springfield area.
  • Developing and supporting community leadership within the Greater Springfield area.
  • To promote healthy and active lifestyles through sport and recreation pursuits for residents of the Greater Springfield Area

Membership Categories

  • Associated
  • Business
  • Community
  • Education
  • Residential

Project (Working Groups)

  1. Environmental Project Group
  2. Community Events Project Group
  3. Community Safety Project Group
  4. Arts & Culture Project Group
  5. Sport, Recreation/ Health & Well-being Project Group
  6. Youth/Seniors Project Group

To date the following initiatives have been undertaken by GSC Inc

  • Establishment and facilitation of the Greater Springfield Interagency Meetings
  • GSC Inc partner with Lend Lease in Welcoming New residents to the community.
  • GSC Inc hosted the 2009/2010 Springfield Lakes Garden Competition
  • GSC Inc hosted the 2009/2010 Multicultural and Community Festival 
  • GSC Inc hosted the 2010 Community Forum 

Organisational Structure

Click on the image below to download a copy of the Organisational Structure.

Click here to download a copy of the Greater Springfield Community Inc. Organisational Structure

Classes of Membership

Residential Members

A person who is more than 18 years of age and resides, or is the registered owner of residential land, within the Greater Springfield area, is entitled to apply to become a residential member.

Business Members

A person who is more than 18 years of age and:

  • Is the registered owner of commercial land within the Greater Springfield area or provides a service to the Greater Springfield area;
  • Is the lessee of commercial land within the Greater Springfield area; or
  • Operates a business or commercial operation within the Greater Springfield area,

Is entitled to become a Business member.

Community Group Member

Any person who is a nominated representative of:

  • non-profit organisation which operates from within or provides services to the Greater Springfield area;
  • a sporting or other recreational club or group; or
  • a community group of a type which has objectives consistent with the objectives of Greater Springfield Community Inc,

Is entitled to become a Community Group Member

Education Members


  • Person who offers a registered/accredited education program to or within the Greater Springfield area;
  • Nominated representative of public or private school, university, tertiary institution or other registered/accredited education facility located within the Greater Springfield area,
  • Person who has relevant experience within the education sector and is currently associated with the Greater Springfield area,

Is entitled to become an Education Member.

Associated Members


  • Person who is associated with the Greater Springfield area and or its Members by virtue of the Members business or residence being in close proximity to the Greater Springfield area or by provision of services to or for the benefit of the Greater Springfield Area.


Greater Springfield Area includes suburbs of Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Springfield Central, Spring Mountain (ICC Division 9), Brookwater & Augustine Heights.

Would you like to become a Member of GSCI?

Click here to download the Application for Membership Form.


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